Thinking Dynamics supports their learning programmes by using the following support media where and how it is required and applicable:

  • Workbooks
  • Information booklets
  • Cue cards
  • Handouts
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Observations
  • Video filming and feedback where relevant
  • Feedback reports where relevant
  • Telephonic support
  • Experiential learning exercises
  • Post-course assignments and evaluation where relevant

The course content ensures that the focus is on attitudinal shifting, competence enhancement and behavioural shaping.  The programmes are all experientially based and highly interactive.  This approach increases the assimilation and transference of course content and knowledge, which further ensures greater success of the programmes in terms of true behavioural change. The true test is application back in the workplace.

  • Attitudinal              

Staff begins to internalize the process of management and non-manipulative relationships built on trust and service excellence. In other words, the focus of dialogue is on the needs of the client (internal and external), the business and staff.

  • Competence  

All staff should be capable in terms of knowledge, ability and skills to deliver as per the overall performance or management strategy and business objectives. In other words, expectations, performance parameters and clarity are ensured.

  • Behavioural

All staff should competently display key behaviours that enable a professional performance culture within an organization.

The learning environment needs to be as such that the above is possible. A formal learning environment that inhibits discussion, activities and the like may be the very cause of learners perceiving the learning as less dynamic. We would like to ensure that the learning is progressive.

Our approach

  • We understand the specific need prior to the introduction to the learning material or the intervention.

Our training philosophy

  • Training is facilitated in an interactive way.
  • Participants are encouraged to verbalize their own feelings and thoughts.
  • The training content is continuously related to real life situations.
  • Prior learning and existing knowledge in the field is also explored.
  • Learners are put at ease and are involved.
  • Many group activities are used to create an opportunity for learners to guide and direct one another.

We are client focused and use the structure merely as a guide

  • Through our experiences, as well as noted in research world wide, groups of people operate under the dynamics present. To facilitate effectively we maintain a flow that meets the group needs as opposed to the rigidity of a pre-formed structure.
  • Our basic premise is to start where the learner is and to draw them towards the business goals of the course.
  • We utilize motivational techniques and change principles to bring about learning.

Workable solutions

  • Training is about change in and of itself. Moving a learner from where they are to where they need to be involves change.
  • Customization and flexibility is an integral component of our business strategy. We customize our interventions for every client, as well as modifying the delivery process to suit the needs of each specific client.
  • Return on investment is the purpose of training and Thinking Dynamics is focused on results driven facilitation. A plentitude of skills reside within the ambit of the company, all of them present to enhance the learning and the experiences towards growth.

Thinking Dynamics brings an edge to your meetings, brainstorming and training sessions.

Here are six reasons partnering with us will be beneficial to you:

  1. We engage all participants in the meeting, ensuring everyone has an input and that every voice is heard. This is done by using a range of tools and techniques that encourages and empowers the participants to join in on the conversation.
  2. Creative, energetic and structured thinking is encouraged with activities designed to stimulate the flow of fresh ideas and opinions.
  3. Focus is key. We ensure that the meeting stays on topic and that the participants are focused on the discussion. This is to ensure that the pre-determined goal is achieved.
  4. Time efficient. A facilitated meeting sometimes appears to take longer than a normal meeting, but the facilitator ensures that the meeting achieves its goals. This means that you have a more concrete outcome and quality information.
  5. We ensure a new outcome. Meeting like you always do will result in the same outcome that you always get. But getting an external view and leader gives you an edge that will ensure a different outcome, that is result driven. And exactly what you need to give your meetings a new edge.
  6. A fresh perspective. It is amazing what insight a fresh perspective can give, especially a trained professional perspective.