We Are Incredibly Passionate About:

People & Their Development

Effective & Efficient Work Relationships

Business Focus & Strategy

We strive to influence the thinking behaviour and conduct of individuals, teams, and leaders within organisation and do this through customised or tailor made offerings like:

Interviews Or Focus Groups
Executive Coaching
Training Interventions
Workshops & Speaking Opportunities
Facilitated Strategic Sessions

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Business Dynamics & Performance

  • Dr. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats® and Lateral Thinking™
  • Organizational climate or culture study
  • Performance management
  • Time management
  • Facilitation skills

Leadership Dynamics & Mentoring

  • Coaching excellence
  • How to build a team
  • Performance discussion and reviews
  • Mentoring
  • Managing change
  • Leaders on the edge
  • Escaping comfort zones

Team and Interpersonal Dynamics

  • Conflict resolution
  • Assertiveness
  • Communication
  • Harnessing diversity
  • Stress management
  • Influencing skills
  • Teambuilding/Term restoration

Intrapersonal Dynamics

  • Harnessing inner potential
  • Coping with change
  • Selling yourself and image
  • Self-management
  • Personal leadership

Other Dynamics

  • Motivational talks
  • Strategic thinking facilitation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Individual profiling
  • Group profiling

Our Advantage

Learning programmes are supported with:

  • Workbooks
  • Information booklets
  • Cue cards
  • Handouts

Why Involve a Facilitator?

Our training philosophy:

  • Participants are encouraged to verbalize their own feelings and thoughts.
  • The training content is continuously related to real life situations.
  • Prior learning and existing knowledge in the field is also explored.
  • Many group activities are used to create an opportunity for learners to guide and direct one another.
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Six Reasons to Partner With Us

Six reasons for partnering with us:

  1. All participants are engaged in the meeting, ensuring everyone has an input and that every voice is heard. This is done by implementing tools and techniques that empower the participants to join in on the conversation.
  2. Creative, energetic and structured thinking is encouraged with activities designed to stimulate the flow of fresh ideas and opinions.
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